John K :

Some people have been paying me to write songs for them and it’s a pretty easy service. I get about $20 per song. One of the problems is I’ve been using a “free” version of a music sequencer called reason, but my plans are to actually buy the software once I get enough money to afford it.

Besides that issue though, I’m just wondering if it’s ok to write, record, and sell songs to people without any kind of permit or license. I live in california and I’m doing all this business online. I just don’t want to get into trouble, I’m also going to buy recording programs as soon as possible haha.
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Bramfatura :

I’m up to a point where it’s quite hard to find the cds I want at the music store. I come with about 6 or 7 ideas in mind and none of them are available. I sure could always ask the store to order them for me, but it’s getting annoying.
Is there a website that sells a lot of different music cds? Where I could just go online, think about a band, buy a few cds, and they would ship it to my home?
I know I can buy cds on amazon for instance, but it doesn’t all come from the same placer.
What I’m really looking for is an online store I guess. As easy as Itunes is to buy mp3s, but to buy real cds instead.

I’m from canada, so if someone has an idea for a place shipping from canada… but USA would be okay too.
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jb :

Okay, does iTunes sell movies at the iTunes music store online? I was wondering because I’d seen a few old ones on there and was wondering if it really sold like many movies or just a limited selection. The movie I want to see is pretty old. Its called “Jackie Brown” (1997). Can someone please tell me if this film is available to purchase through iTunes? If you have the iTunes music store on your computer could you please check? And if possible tell me the price also. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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MusicalGirl :

So I wanted to start a buissness online for flute solo sheet music that I wrote… I know how to make a website…. I just need help on how to sell my sheet music online. Any tips??

Scott :

From The Bonnie Raitt Collection it has really cool bluesy piano. I found a place that sells sheet music for the whole album for around $30 but I just want that one song really. Free is better but I would be willing to buy it online for around $5.

Carissa :

Not online though.At the store.

Mighty Boosh :

I am looking for Russian pop music, but I live in the US so I am having some trouble. Are there any websites that sell them that will ship them to the US? I already have Gorod 312 (whom I just love). I am looking for Assia Ahat. But I would also like discover new (to me) artists.

Emanuel E :

Lately, I’ve been going to Amazon and eBay to look for some rare items. Being a collector of rare music, I notice that when I click on “Used & New” for the cheapest prices, I always wonder why the people sell those items for over $50, when if I can find it at a new/used record store, it would be sold for much cheaper. Is it out of greed or is it because if it’s rare, then it’s worth a lot of money? Just wondering. Almost makes me want to resort to downloading music online.
Having never sold anything online, but they charge a lot to the sellers? I didn’t know that, because in my opinion, no CD is worth a hundred dollars.

Ian :

I need to sell my amp. I am looking to sell it online, because where I live there is online one music shop and they are offering waaay too little for it. I have put an ad on craigslist and ebay but, what other sites do they have for stuff like this? I would prefer not to spend money but, I understand I’m probably going to have to pay a little bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Monica* :

I have a VERY talented friend who is trying to get established in the music business. He has completed a 15 track album and is thinking of selling it online (i forgot which wesbite) for one dollar. Hopefully this will help give him some exposure.

What do you guys think? Would you buy it for a dollar? Do you think he should sell it for more or less?


Recording music for a CD?

c’est moi : I want to record a CD of my music to sell online. But I have no idea how recording studios work. If I rent a studio I will have no idea how to work it, and i also don’t know how you can do good home recordings. can anyone fill me [...]

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