August 14, 2020

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Remove Paint Stain From Tiles

Painting the walls could make the house look more beautiful. But not infrequently, because of a lack of caution, paint stains were scattered everywhere and ended up staining the tiles. To clean it naturally is not easy. The stain could make the tiles looks dull and the only way to make it shine and looks like new is by using the service of important source. However, there are a few tricks that can help get rid of house paint stains. In cleaning all stains, remember that the newer a stain, the easier it is to be cleaned. This also applies when we will clean the paint stains on the tile floor.

If you are painting the wall, then suddenly paint is dripping onto the floor, you can clean it by wiping it with clean tissue or cloth that is no longer in use. Dampen the tissue or cloth with thinner. It’s better not to rub the paint stain because if rubbed the paint stain will widen. Well, you should pat and tap-press right above the paint stain is. Make sure all the paint stains are absorbed on the fabric. If there are still paint stains on the tile, use the cloth again, wet it with a little thinner, pat, and tap again on the remaining paint stain. See the results. Keep doing it until the paint stains disappear.

For paint stains that are stubborn, or does not want to disappear using the method above, you can use tools such as using scrap. Scrap can be easily purchased in building stores in your area. Buy scrap that has a handle that makes it easier when used to clean paint stains on the floor. Use scrap by gently rubbing it on the paint stain. Don’t press too much and don’t rub too hard, just use it gently so the tile floor won’t get scratched. If you do not want to bother cleaning paint stains on the floor, you should provide a base in the form of old newspapers along the kitchen wall to be painted. By doing this, you will indirectly prevent paint from dripping on your kitchen tile floor. These tips do sound trivial, but sure enough to prevent the emergence of paint stains on the floor of your home.
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