What To Do When Happen Emergency Ball Screw

What will happen if there is damage to your ball screw? Of course, you need to repair it as soon as possible. It may really hinder your work. The emergency ball screw repair is a common way to be conducted when it experiences such condition. There may be some condition why the emergency ball screw needs the service learn more.

We are already aware that sometimes, machine or electronic systems will meet its damage on a certain time. It may be influenced by many factors and condition that lead the tool inoperable appropriately. Of course, you need to inspect this situation to know what actually going on to your tool. But of course as what happens to the ball screw, you need certain emergency service.

What To Do When Inoperable Ball Screw Happen
There are some ways that you must pay attention to. First is never operate the inoperable machine. It may lead the ball screw and other parts experience more damages because of the force. The operation will probably make the ball screw skid, damaged both on the ball screw or even on the thread raceway or the nuts.

Check the screw, if it is bent, you can straighten it properly. When its journal is actually broken, you can replace it. And when it happens stripped V-threads, it is better to weld and reground back it into the original condition.

If there is scored or damaged bearing diameter, you can chrome and regrind them. Once to remember is that never disassemble its ball nuts from its screw. You can remove the end bearings, drive coupling, and seals.

Emergency Evaluation Of Ball Screw
The emergency evaluation of the damage ball screw is better to be conducted by yourself. But f you don’t really know about it, bring it to the ball screw repair. There are several available services that will help you immediately.

One of the most recommended ball screw repairs is the Superior Ball Screw Repair. This will give the warranty, immediate inspection, express service, and also best services for emergency and also major damages of the ball screw.

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